Sunday, May 4, 2014

Where, Oh Where Could She Be?

It's hard to believe that it's been six months since I last posted here! Actually, now that I'm typing, it's not... lots of backspacing going on behind the scenes here. Texting seems to be undermining my typing abilities the way that typing undermined my handwriting! Nevertheless, here I am again. Hi! Let's get caught up, shall we?

The last time I was here, I had uncovered some hard truths about my relationship to my body and to candy and had my work cut out for me. Admitting that you have a problem is one thing, but doing something about it is something else entirely. I believe this is where my Scanner tendencies really pay off. I have the ability to use extreme focus (some might say that I obsess) until I come to a solution. 

Throughout the rest of the year, I focused on not eating candy. That's it. I had to break the cycle of mindlessly chomping my way through bags of goodies. It has been undermining the rest of my efforts for years! I had a serious sugar addiction and didn't even fully realize it until I wrote about it here. I made it through Halloween relatively unscathed, and Christmas was hot on it's tail. Working retail during the holidays is a pretty exhausting, yet rewarding, affair. So, throw that into the mix and you'll see why I had to give it everything I had! 

Right after the "Returns & Gift Card" rush in early January, Dane and I took a well-deserved vacation to Florida! His brother and sister-in-law live down there and were the only ones I hadn't met yet, so we took the opportunity to spend some quality time with them at the beach in Saint Augustine (once we finally got out of Kansas City!). Let's just say that we were VERY grateful for the warms temps and enjoyed our day Shelling at the beach immensely! After posting that pic of me in my 15 year old swimsuit, I knew it was well past time to get a new one. This one has a skirt!

This picture, by the way, is the last picture of the two of us before he proposed on the Bridge of Lions that night! Dating..... ENGAGED!

Here's a close-up of the gorgeous ring that he picked out! 5/8 carat... a larger stone in the center, surrounded by smaller stones. It looks like a flower! So pretty and perfect for me!

He actually carried it around with him for a week on our trip before finding the perfect spot to pop the question! Sunset, overlooking the harbor and city lights... gorgeous! I dragged him to the top of the bridge so I could take pictures of replicas of el Galeon (left, 17th century) and the Nao Victoria (right, 16th century), which was used by Magellan to circumnavigate the world for the first time. Remarkable! But not as remarkable as walking down from the bridge as a newly engaged couple! It changed everything! 

Here's the view from the bottom of the bridge, Before and After. You can see our vantage point from the turret right there. That's "our spot" now... we can always look at it and pinpoint the exact place that we were engaged. I love it! The full moon that night was very fitting, since our first date and marathon make-out session was under a full moon. TMI? Oh well. =)

Here we are the next day, from the dock in front of the ships. The famous turret (is that what those are even called?) is right over my head. By the way, that's the railing that he propped my new camera up on to take a self-portrait with the timer. That was a little scary. 

We've decided to go back down to Saint Augustine to get married next May, 2015! We're actually heading there in a couple of days to talk to some vendors and set the official date! Yay!! Maybe the water will actually be warm enough to jump in this time! Hahaha!! 

Also... there's nothing quite like the thought of squeezing yourself into a wedding gown and having photo sessions taken to really add some oomph to your weight loss program! I'll have to write about my progress at a later time, because it's time for this gal to get to work! 



PS ~ Here's why they call it the Bridge of Lions... this was taken before we walked up to the top of the bridge. Love that city! Just gorgeous!