Thursday, October 10, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday - Dynachrome Color Film

This is one of the mysteries that I found when we were going through Dad's things after he passed away. One lone roll of Dynachrome Color Movie Film.

I have no idea what's on it. I don't think I remember anyone ever having a video camera around as I was growing up? And there's not a whole collection of them as far as I know... just this one.

What do I want to see on it? Dad and Mom in their prime. Together. Happy. It would be awesome if at least one of us kids were in it, too. Or grandparents. Or anyone else that I'll recognize immediately.

Moving pictures are so different than plain old pictures. You can hear voices, spot mannerisms, discover personalities, and get a more 360 degree view of the world they were in.

I'm calling the local camera shop that does things like this today. It's time. What do I expect to see when I convert it to digital? I expect to see exactly whatever it is that I need to see. I'm sticking with that.

Maybe some of my aunts and cousins can help me out? Do you remember anyone using movie film like this? Who had a camera? During what time period would this type of film have been used? The 60s or 70s? That's what the box looks like to me.

Anyone else have any guesses?

I'll post an update hopefully next Thursday with answers. Assuming that I can, in fact, get this transferred to digital in this time frame.

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