Friday, October 11, 2013

Grandma's Birth Announcements

Right after Dad passed away and I inherited all of his old photos, I found a packet of old birth announcements. At the time, none of the names were familiar to me but they were such cute little things that I must have decided to hang onto them. I've thought about them now and again and halfway looked for them, but wondered if I'd given them away to another family member along the way.

Last weekend's visit with sister Nancy prompted me to go through the closet in my office and dig out all of the old photos I could find! I pulled out albums that I forgot had photos in them, boxes of assorted pictures, and even the big storage tub with all of the snapshots that Dad took over the years! Little by little, it piled up... and pretty soon, I had a pretty good display of family history for Nancy to browse through. I knew there were quite a few pictures of her in there and wanted to share that with her.

Then I started digging through Dad's storage tub... and there, buried in the bottom of it, were a couple of boxes that I hadn't seen in a while. Tons of pictures, and yes... the birth announcements tucked away in an envelope! Mostly birth announcements, but also a few baby shower, birthday party, and wedding shower invitations thrown in as well.

I spent some time this week scanning, labeling, and them so I could share with my cousins that I DO recognize now! There are over 40 of them, so it took a bit of time. But I'm done! I even uploaded them to my Google Photos account! I unfolded the unfoldables ones to keep it in one image, so picture yourself folding it back up.

Now! Feel free to browse them and let me know if you know any of these folks! Now that I have them scanned, I'm not attached to them in any way. If some belong to your parents, cousins, etc... just let me know. I'd rather have them go to someone who will really treasure them.

You can click the slideshow to go to the gallery page for them. They're moving pretty fast. ;-)

Here is an Index so they will show up in search engines and the rightful owners can find them. The ones with a * are those that I've found in my family tree and added! Pretty darned good!

For those of you new to my blog, the following people most likely would have been in the Seward or Lincoln Nebraska area during the 30s-60s. Please use the contact form above if you have any information regarding the unclaimed ones. Thanks!

Unclaimed Birth Announcements (party invites, etc)

BULS Dean Wayne
HARWOOD Eunice (friend of Aunt Vivian)
SHAW Marelyn
WAIT Ayline
WHITE Arlene (friends of Aunt Vivian)
WHITE Nathan Floyd (friends of Aunt Vivian)
WHITE Sharen Lee (friends of Aunt Vivian)

Vernon E - Skating Party invitation sent in 1957

Claimed & Sent Birth Announcements!

*ALDAPE Larry Lee
*DAAKE Jeffrey Alan
*FLEMING Janet Ruth
*GOEDEKER Dale Martin - claimed!
*GOEDEKER Joan Marie - claimed!
*HILL Donald C - claimed!
*HUEY Richard Allen - claimed!
*HUEY Terri Lynn - claimed!
*HUEY Vickie Lee - claimed!
*PERRINE Sherry Michael - claimed!
*PRATHER Glenna Marlene
*PRATHER Pamela Kay
*ROY Susan Jane - claimed!
*SHAW Doug - claimed!
*SHAW Teddy Roy - claimed!
*WAIT Nancy Jean - claimed!
*WAIT Shirley Ann - claimed!
*ZIMA Linda
*ZIMA Sandra Joanne

Pat - Thank You card mailed from Yuma AZ in 1967 - claimed!

(updated claimed items 10/20/13)

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