Sunday, October 20, 2013

Angeline Harris Project - Reason Waits Red Book

I feel like I got something done today! After posting about Angeline Harris's files this morning, I got right on it and took the plunge! I started with her husband Hugh's line going back to Reason Waits. This is the book that I found their names in, so it seemed like a good place to start. Also, it's the only one of the bunch that she made into an actual "book".

Here's the scope of that project!

It took me an hour and 19 minutes to photograph every page, not counting a break half way through. That's an average of bout 30 seconds per page! MUCH faster than scanning on my printer/scanner! See that? 173 photos for a total of 695 MB. Wowza. I'm going to go through them and change them to .TIF format, though. After previewing them all like they're shown and then rotating some of them, I'm already down to 582 MB. .JPG photos lose their pixels the more you look at them. I knew that...

Next time, I'm also going to reduce the resolution on my camera to 10 megapixels instead of 18MP. That'll be big enough for something of this nature.

This book was mainly Family Group Sheets with a few other treats worked in with it. A couple of recent photos, a couple of funeral cards, a birth certificate, a couple of old letters, a few genealogist-to-genealogist letters, and a guide on how to follow ancestors that were in the Gold Rush like Reason was.

It shows that it would take 4 to 5 months to take a wagon from Independence, Missouri to the San Francisco area. That's actually really close to where Reason and his family were at the time. Interesting! 

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