Friday, September 27, 2013

The Stockyard

Today, I thought I would switch gears and share an old photo that I inherited. Of course, it's not labeled... so I have no idea when or where it is... or if any of my people are in it. I've tagged it as a Mystery (click to see the rest of my mystery photos!).

Last year on Election Day, I mentioned this photo to Holly. She said that there used to be a stockyard in Ruby! Judging by the age of this photo, which I think may be about 1905-1915... maybe this is it? I've sent the photo off to her to see if she recognizes anyone.

The Stockyard
(click photo to enlarge it)

Obviously this photo is all about the cows! You can clearly make out their faces! Sadly, the people are all way back there in the background. 

Men 1-2:

Men 3-6

Men 7-10
I suspect the boy might be my grandfather Roy (1902-1967)? That would date this photo to ca1906 or 1907? He has the look of my Dad at that age (and Justin, and Skylar). I'll have to do a "Wait Baby" post so you can see what I mean.

Men 11-12

Man 13

Men 14-16
I half-suspect that this might be William & Fred Wait. Father & Son. Wouldn't it be nice if they were paying attention? 

Please leave a comment if any of these men look familiar, or if you have a different photo of this! Everyone looks like they wore their Sunday best, so I would hope that they took more than just one photo! Let's put names to faces! 

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