Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kathy's Book of Me #1 - Who Am I?

About the Book of Me:

The Book of Me is part of a Facebook project to write my memories and eventually create a book of them to pass along to further generations. Since it's highly unlikely that I will have future generations of my own, it's especially important for me to not just end up as a tree stump with no one caring who I was because I'm not someone's direct ancestor. What I write here may be an edited version safe for public viewing. I'm keeping a separate private journal where I may go into greater detail. Or not... =)

Who Am I?

1. I am an on-again-off-again-currently-journaling-journaler, haphazard blogger, and wannabe writer.

2. I am a lover of books that make me laugh or can teach me something.

3. I am an Information Junkie... an eternal student in the school of life... a work in progress.

4. I am a family historian and history buff, but only when it has to do with my heritage. 

5. I am selfish and protective of who and what I let into my life, my mind, my consciousness, and my heart. 

6. I am a loving, caring, and proud dog mommy (and had to let said dog out three times during the time it took for me to finish this).

7. I am a girlfriend again after all these years and possible future fiance, which I never thought would happen. Half of the whole... a kindred spirit... a soulmate.

8. I am a daughter dreading the time when her aging Mom starts to lose her strength and independence. Those are the qualities that I feel define who she is. And who I am.

9. I am a perpetually grieving half-orphan who misses her fast driving, joking prankster, big ol' softie Dad practically every day.

10. I am a beloved, fun aunt and now great-aunt who feels a little guilty for not being around more.

11. I am a loving, mostly honest, mostly supportive sister.

12. I am a salesperson when I believe that what I'm selling will improve someone's life.

13. I am an extrovert and love to meet new people, go new places, and try new things.

14. I am a social media junkie and recovering over-sharer. 

15. I am an American Girl, a product of the melting pot, a mutt. Only four of my immigrant ancestors came over in the past 150 years... most of the rest are from the Revolutionary War and beyond. I've never felt "ethnic". 

16. I am a California native with the sun and surf coursing through my veins.

17. I am a Nebraska girl... open, giving, accepting, polite, and helpful.

18. I am a former Chicagoan... thriving on constant stimulation, the energy of big cities, and street festivals to fill every weekend.

19. I am a tryer of new things, just to say "I did it."... conqueror of the Hancock Tower's stairs, half marathon walk-jogger, archery enthusiast, daring girl on the flying trapeze, and intrepid orienteering woods walker.

20. I am a traveler at heart and love to experience new places... to test my ability to thrive in new situations with new languages and new maps.

21. I am always barely prepared for big trips and shut down mentally until the day before I leave at which time, I magically pull things together. I generally pack in the middle of the night right before I have to catch my flight.

22. I am an over-preparer and think things to death then berate myself for being so anal and then back off and end up being barely prepared (see #21).

23. I am one of the luckiest people I know, previously THE luckiest, until the day I met my boyfriend.

24. I am a skeptic and don't believe in heaven and hell, the bible and it's quotesorganized religion, or the personification of God and Jesus.

25. I am a believer that there's a higher power, of signs from above, the power of the universe, nature and nurture, and the mystical and magical and unexplained.

26. I am a realistic optimist, believe in "putting out the vibe", and that thoughts become things.

27. I am a coat of many colors, a patchwork quilt made up of the ancestors that have come before me, and a study of opposites.

28. I am a Gemini, through and through.

29. I am a gardener and lover of the birds and the bees and the flowers and trees and the moon up above... and a huge fan of owls and butterflies!

30. I am a music lover, former concert choir vocalist, occasional karaoke-er, easily pick up melodies and get songs stuck in my head practically every day (you're welcome for #29).

31. I am a Rock Boater.

32. I am afraid of not living up to my potential and of having goals beyond my reach. 

33. I am a perfectionist and from what I hear, too hard on myself. (I am pretty sure that my expectations for others are too high as well.)

34. I am wondering if too many of these entries are about "what" I am instead of "who" I am. Am I supposed to give myself labels? 

35. I am bothered by the change in margin between #9 and #10 because the "I Am"s are not lined up exactly.

36. I am a little OCD at times. Linear. Like things in 3s, too. I like that this list is numbers and not just bulletpoints. 

37. I am a "Scanner" like Barbara Sher talks about in her books. Jack of all trades, master of none... Easily distracted, always looking for the next shiny object. Oh look! A bunny! 

38. I am so much more than Who I Am on this page. I am not so easily contained.

39. I am someone who would be really bothered at ending this on an odd number.

40. I am so relieved that I didn't have to stop at 39.


  1. Wow! This was so thorough. I loved #14 especially. We should start "Over-sharers Anonymous"!

  2. Yes, we need an "Over-sharers Anonymous" LOL I posted 25 items originally and added another this afternoon. Might as well go for 30 or more.

  3. Hallelujah. An extrovert. Which I think I am. Though of late I am getting more introverted. I just love this list. So much I can identify with....particularly the over-sharing and the Gemini...but not the trapeze, archery, orienteering, marathon bit..Ha done and keep it up and all that :)

  4. Thank you for the kind comments, Kat,Dru, & Alex! "Over-sharer's Anonymous", for sure! The sad thing is that I've thought of a lot more entries since posting this! Julie Goucher mentioned that this would be a good exercise to do every year to track how we've changed... I could probably pull off an original entry every Season! Lol! I can't wait to see how this plays out!

    Alex, I actually had a post after the extrovert line that said "I am an Introvert and could probably be a hermit if I applied myself." Must be part of my Gemini traits. All or nothing! =)

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies!