Saturday, September 14, 2013

California Trip - Sept 2012

I had high hopes for today's Nebraska Cornhusker Football game against UCLA! Dane and I took a tour group out to Pasadena to see the game last year and came home with a loss. 36-30. So we were hoping to even the score today here in Lincoln... ya... not so much... they beat us 41-21. I had to work today, so I didn't have to witness it firsthand. Dane is a little worse for the wear, though. But not as bad off as our tour group after enjoying the pre-game party and then watching our team get beat, to be followed by a harrowing walk back to the tour bus when we realized that the driver tried to park in the wrong lot and had to park off-site. We walked a mile to the bus. Literally. A Mile. In the dark, under the freeway, and in the street after the sidewalk ended. It was not pretty. Here's the route that we affectionately call "The Death March". Although, thankfully, we all lived to tell about it.

Today's doomed match-up put me in the mood to post a slideshow from our trip last year! I "only" took 179 photos and took 26 videos with my iPhone but I pared them down to just 45 photos here in this slideshow for your viewing pleasure! 

Dane and I were both born in California, so it's in our blood. We could just feel it the minute we stepped outside. We went to the beach every chance we got, went body boarding, and got up close and personal with some of the local creatures.

It was the first time I had actually met my cousin Brenda and she graciously let us stay at her house while we were there. Brenda's daughter Janeen and her boyfriend Sam let us stay with them for a night, too! It was so nice hanging out at the beach and then on the deck at their apartment in Huntington Beach. Kindred spirits!

The highlight of our trip was our visit to see Aunt Deanna and Uncle Bill! I hadn't seen Uncle Bill since my Dad passed away in 2004 and I cried like a baby when I hugged him hello. I didn't want to let go... and we couldn't bring ourselves to leave. We spent the day with them hanging out and talking and watching live car chases on TV, then ended up staying to have Chinese food for dinner, and then stayed overnight and left around noon the next day. It was way longer than we planned on staying, but I'm glad we didn't rush off. Uncle Bill passed away just two months later. I'm so grateful that we had that time with them and that Dane was able to meet him... and that Uncle Bill was able to meet Dane. 

I have a video here that I took of him sneaking a photo of us with his iPad while Aunt Deanna was telling us a story about their fish. =)  He said later that he liked candid pictures better than posed ones, so hopefully he would approve that I snuck a candid video of him when he was going for his candid photo of us. ;-) The video was really compressed by Blogger so it's a bit blurry. 

As an extra bonus, I got to stay an extra day and spend some time with my friend Troy that I used to commute with in Chicago. He lives in West Hollywood with his partner, Tom, and I stayed with them the night before my flight home! We were best best friends in Chicago and I hadn't seen him since I moved back to Nebraska in 2008, so we were long overdue for a visit! The nice thing about true friends is that no matter how long you go without talking or seeing each other, you can still pick up where you left off and it seems that not a day has passed since you used to point out 6:14 on the clock in the car every day for 2 years and say "It's my birthday!" because your birthday is June 14th. (hee hee...) And to think that he remembers that fondly! =)

And now, without further ado... the vacation photos that you've all been waiting for. It goes pretty fast, so I suggest pausing it as you go if you want time to read the captions. =)

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