Sunday, July 4, 2010

James Waits Pension Application for the War of Independence

This is the pension application for my 5th Great Grandfather James Waits (Waites) (1760-1855). His birth date in this deposition is stated as 1762, but his tombstone says 1760. His brother Charles birth year is listed in the documents that I've found as 1762, though, so I'm not really sure when he was born. I've also seen his birth town listed as Berkeley County Virginia, but that's not what this looks like to me.

I've transcribed this document below, but you can click the image if you want to view a larger image and read it for yourself. The handwriting is difficult in places, especially when it comes to people and places, unfortunately. If you have a better guess of what it says in places, leave me a comment and let me know. Thanks!

Happy Independence Day!!

The State of Ohio Brown County Court of Common Pleas April Term 1833

On this 29th day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty three personally appeared before the honorable the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in and for said county James Waits as resident of the count and state aforesaid aged seventy one years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1882 that in the month of May 1777 he entered into the service of the United States and served as herein stated - he served six months in the militia of Washington County Pennsylvania under Colonel Springer, deponent while serving in the militia was engaged in several skirmishes with the indians at Garrets Fort and on the waters of Whitely he was engaged the whole of the above tour against the indians. In March 1778 deponent enlisted in Fayett County Pennsylvania for nine months the whole of which time he served out under Captain Stoakley of Colonel Lauhery’s Regiment and General Broadhead’s Bridage or command. He was marched under the above named officers to Uniontown Hannah’stown Smiths Station and to wall’s station thence to Pittsburgh where he joined the main forces under General Broadhead, he was then marched up the Allegheny River to Catamon station where he apisted to build a fort Colonel Byard took command of the forces that marched up the river - deponent remained at this fort three months scouting against the indians. Deponent was then marched by General Broadhead higher up the river to Murrey town where the whites had a sharp skirmish with the indians, he was then marched to Pittsburgh thence to Hannahstown where he was discharged by Captain Stoakley who gave

________________________________________________________________________________page 2

Deponent a written discharge which he has long since lost.

In 1782 deponent states that he was out as a volunteer under Colonel Crawford against the indians at Sanduskey where Crawford was defeated. on this tour he was out six weeks. Deponent states that he has a written record of his age, that he was born in (Bertley?) County Virginia in March 1762 at the time he first entered the service of his country he lived in Fayett County Pennsylvania but served in Washington County as before stated. He never received but one written discharge which as stated has long been lost. Deponent knew Captains (Jacob?), Stoakley, and Springer, Colonels Lauherty and Byard, and General Broadhead. There is no clergyman living in the neighbor hood of deponent - he is well known to William Boyle Martin Bishop and others residents of Brown County by whom he can as he believes prove as good character for truth and veracity  and that he is believed and represented in his neighbor hood to have been a soldier of the revolution - Deponent has procured the depositions of Philip Smith and Agnes Smith residents of Wayne County Ohio by whom he can prove part of his services which depositions accompany this declaration - he knows of no other living witnesses by whom he can prove his services - he has lived at his present residence in Brown County Ohio for the space of twenty eight years previous to which (??) he lived in Kentucky. Deponent has never received a pension he hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.

Sworn and subscribed the day and year foresaid in open Court.  G. W. King Clerk


James X Waits


We Charles D Mc Manaman and James Moorhead residing in the County of Brown and State of Ohio do hereby certify that we are well acquainted with James Waits who has subscribed and sworn to the foregoing declaration that we believe him to be seventy one years of age, that he sustains a good character for truth and veracity, that he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the revolution and that we concur in that opinion sworn and subscribed the day and year aforesaid in open Court. G. W. King Clerk

C. D. McManamen

James Moorhead

Monday, June 21, 2010

Madness Monday - Mystery Photo 1

The photo looks like a really old one to me!  I would say pre-1900. The kids were moving a little, so they're blurry here. Plus, look at those outfits! This one isn't labeled at all, so I'm not sure if it's from the FLEMING side of the family or the WAIT side.

Does anyone have any ideas of when this photo would have been taken or perhaps have the same photo in their collection? All guesses are welcome! =)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Revisiting old photos - Maude Marie Vossler Waits

I went through the box of photos again that my Grandma Freda Fleming WAIT left my Dad. I've been through them several times, but not since really digging into my tree last Fall. They were always just neat old photos of a bunch of people I didn't know. This time, their faces seemed more alive to me. I actually recognized some people... "oh! that's Vernie and his family"... "hey! I didn't know I had a photo of Elvie!"...

Here's one that really jumped out at me today, so I added her to my family tree.

Maude Marie Vossler (1898-1979) was the first wife of my great grandfather Frederick Hiram Waits' brother, Edwin William Waits (1892-1963). Apparently, they had 4 children although I only have 2 of them in my tree so far: Alma L & Violet E Waits.

At one point, I was even communicating with Bev, the granddaughter of Marie's brother. So this morning, I added these photos to my tree and sent another email to Bev telling her that they were there and offering to mail her the original photo. I figure that Marie's photo belongs with her family, and not the family of her ex-husband. Ya know?

This gives me renewed hope that the more I dig into my tree, the more faces I'll recognize and be able to identify. There are a lot of people in these cabinet cards and various turn of the century photos that really deserve to be remembered.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My new LONG cousin Ruth

I just found out I have a new cousin!

Ruth Novak Meyer sent me an email from my Find A Grave profile. Her great great great grandfather Benjamin LONG is my great great great grandfather Samuel LONG's brother! She sent a bunch of information about that part of the family that I didn't have and I can't wait to dig into it!

I love the internet!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Ruby Nebraska today

I went on a little road trip to the former town of Ruby, where my ancestors homesteaded in 1863. I wanted to see what it was like now and try to imagine what it was like back then. I'd driven through once and thought I remembered seeing an old post office, but it's either been torn down or I just imagined it. Ruby's not quite the ghost town I'd expected!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Time Capsule

This weekend's challenge over at Randy Seaver's Genea-Musings is to make a Time Capsule!


  • Go to the dMarie Time Capsule Website

  • Select a date in your family history that you want to know about. You might pick a birth date or wedding date of your parents or grandparents

  • Enter the date into the search form, and select the news, songs, toys, books and other things that you want to feature.

  • Share the date, why you picked it, and the results of your Time Capsule study on your own blog, in a comment to this post, or in a comment or post on Facebook.

I chose my great great grandfather William Henry Waits birthday on 29 Sep 1845 just because I'd like to have perspective on what the world was like when he came into it!

Top Headlines of the Month

  • Sep 23 - 1st baseball team, NY Knickerbockers organize, adopt rule code

  • Oct 10 - Naval School (now called US Naval Academy) opens at Annapolis

  • Oct 13 - Texas ratifies a state constitution

  • Nov 4 - 1st nationally observed uniform election day in US

President of the United States - Grover Cleveland

Vice President of the United States - George M. Dallas

People born on September 29

  • 1547 - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, author (Don Quixote)

  • 1901 - Enrico Fermi Italy, physicist, gone fission (Nobel-1938)

  • 1907 - Gene Autry Tioga Tx, cowpoke/singer/actor/Calif Angels owner

  • 1925 - Paul MacCready, engineer/inventor (1st man-powered aircraft)

  • 1935 - Jerry Lee Lewis singer (Great Balls of Fire, Breathless)

  • 1942 - Madeline Kahn Boston Mass, actress (Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety, Blazing Saddles)

  • 1948 - Bryant Gumbel New Orleans La, sportscaster/TV host (Today Show)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Hartsock Family

I found these on my Mom's CD of photos from the 2008 Hartsock Reunion in California. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the last photo!

John Clark HARTSOCK (1871-1943) is my great grandfather. He married Carrie Nevada NORTHRUP (1871-1951) in 1896 and they had six children, including my maternal grandmother Della Nevada HARTSOCK KUNZ (1909-1974).

John is the son of Uriah HARTSOCK(1839-1910) and Hannah Elizabeth TOLAND HARTSOCK (1842-1921).

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Samuel and Permelia A Rogers LONG




APR 28, 1915


APR 30, 1811

APR 5, 1887


Samuel and Permelia are Elve's parents, my great great grandparents. They're buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Ruby, Seward, Nebraska, USA. I need to do some digging to find Permelia's correct date of birth. I have listed APR 18 1824, but her headstone shows 1820.

Samuel and Permelia's father Thomas ROGERS homesteaded to Seward County in 1863 and developed land just down the road from where they're all buried now. According to their homestead papers, they paid a total of $18 each for 160 acres. As far as I can tell by the paperwork, their land would have been roughly where I've outlined.

According to this, they qualify for "First Families" Recognition from the Nebraska Genealogical Society for settling before 1867. Elve's husband William qualifies for Pioneer Families status for settling before 1876. Now I just need to figure out how to apply. =)  I'm looking forward to following this line back to Kentucky and learn more about the origins of this line of my family.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Madness Monday - Reigniting the Genealogy Spark

My Uncle Bill Pedersen passed away last Monday at the age of 82. His first wife was my Mom's sister Loretta, who passed away in the 80s. He was a quiet, strong, and kind man and raised a strong, outgoing, loving family. He married three times and lived a life full of Love.

Uncle Bill's passing somehow reignited my genealogy spark! I've been a bit out of it since starting my new job at SuperTarget. Between my work schedule, the physicality of cashiering (who knew??), and our money situation, I haven't felt like doing any research. I had it made last summer/fall when I wasn't working! (Thank you, Scott!! xoxo) I vowed to jump back on the horse and tie up some loose ends, follow up with the "uber-WAITS researcher", and get back to researching and documenting that research. Plus, I actually got on Twitter for the first time since I posted this in November:

Just got off the phone with uber-WAITS researcher AH She's sending me ALL of her research from over the years, and passing the torch. WOWZA!
2:33 PM Nov 23rd, 2009 via HootSuite

She's 86, sharp as a tack, and I can't wait to pick her brain! Our conversation lasted all of 7 min. ha! She plays bridge and had to run.
2:48 PM Nov 23rd, 2009 via HootSuite

The "uber-WAITS researcher" was Angeline Harris... and she passed away on Friday.

I was "too busy" and "too tired" from working and meant to at least send a letter, but I just couldn't wrap my head around my research and where I'd left off. I wanted to have my ducks in a row when I spoke to her again. I do regret not having picked her brain like I'd wanted, there are so many questions that I have about our ancestry. But mostly I regret not getting to know her. I feel like we could have been friends. Maybe it's the shared love of genealogy like the kinship I have with my fellow geneabloggers that made me feel like I already knew her. Her death struck me to the core.

I don't know what they're doing with her genealogy files. I don't expect to get them, of course, but if they're looking for someone to take care of them and share them with the world, then I'm up to the challenge.

As an armchair genealogist, I know that we're only on this earth for a limited amount of time. And while it seems that I have plenty of time left, that's not always true for those around me. I felt this same regret when I lost my Dad in 2004.