Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Family Tree DNA Test Kits on SALE

Good news!  Family Tree DNA has just put their DNA test kits on sale!  Yessss!!!

Sue Waite-Langley over at Waite Genealogy is still administering the Waite DNA Project that I wrote about in August, and we're still looking for participants!

The 37-marker test is normally $149 for our test group (and $169 if you're flying solo), but for a limited time it's only $119!  This kit will get us in the door, so to speak.

The 67-marker test is normally $239 for our test group (and $298 if you're flying solo), but it's now only $209!  This kit is ideal for our test group, because it will show who the TOP ancestor is on the tree.

Don't have the Y-chromosome?  Can't afford to foot the entire bill?  Does cheek-swabbing creep you out?

Then Chip In!

Under my photo at the top left part of my site, you'll see a tally of our donations thus far.  When you contribute to this cause, your donation will be sent to me via PayPal and will be earmarked for this project alone. I will update the meter as we progress to our goal.

FTDNA's sale is going on through the end of the year.  Let's raise $209 by New Year's Eve and get the ball rolling! If 21 people donate $10 each, then we're in!  That's pretty painless.

Want to be part of the study?  Not afraid of swabs?  Contact Me and I'll put you on the list of volunteers for this project.

If more than one person volunteers, we'll pick the first participant at random.

Thank you in advance for your support!


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  2. Kathy,

    The sale ends on December 31st