Thursday, October 15, 2009

FOUND - 1839 Charles WAITS marriage to Catherine HAYNS Moyer

I dreamed about genealogy all night last night!  Who belongs to who, who lived where, and what happened to William Mathews from yesterday's post.  So when I woke up this morning, I hopped right on the computer and started searching for people in that family cluster.  One thing led to another and soon I was looking at a list of WAITS marriages in Clermont County, Ohio from 1800-1850.

Very few of the names looked familiar when I scanned the page, but I thought I would transcribe the page and add it to my Wait Heritage Group so others could compare their trees to it.  So I was typing away, and came across this entry.

Charles lost his wife Mary Goble Waits in May 1838, just months after the birth of their 12th child, David.  Another two month later, David died as well.

Catherine lost her husband Michael Moyer at about the same time that Mary died, leaving her with 4 children. Until last week, I had only seen her listed as Catherine MOYER.  Then I was reading through a family reunion book that a descendant of Reason Waits sent me, and she was listed as Catherine Weaver Moyer.  There isn't a source listed, so I kind of kept it in the back of my mind.

Charles and Catherine married March 23, 1839, according to all sources I've seen.  So it makes sense to me that this marriage entry is my Charles and Catherine.  The date is right, the place is right, they're both widows.  The only thing that differs is Catherine's last name. I plan on doing more research with the HAYNS last name (it could even be HAYNES, since the entries aren't without error).  I'd like a couple more sources to back this up, but thought I'd share what I found so far!

The 1840 census shows Charles and family in Jackson Township, Clermont County, Ohio.  They have 13 children between "under 5" and "15-20" living with them. What a houseful!

Between 1842 and 1849, Charles and Catherine had 3 more children, bringing their grand total to 19, including the ones who died young.  WOW.

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