Monday, October 5, 2009

Clues on John W PITT

I thought I'd check out today for something different.  Within 5 minutes, I located Civil War pension cards for several of my ancestors!

My 2nd great grandfather William H WAITS' card was especially interesting because it mentioned his wife Elve's first husband John PITT.

All I've been able to find on John PITT so far, was that he was married to Elve and was the father of Samuel M PITT. No census information, no date of birth, death, or burial information.  And yet here he is mentioned on WH's pension card!  Apparently, he served during the Civil War in Co K 58th Indiana Infantry.

Naturally, I immediately looked his card up to see what other information they had on him!

Here it is!  But... I don't get it.  It looks to me like he died Feb 1, 1928.  Could that be right?  I guess I've always assumed that she was a widow when she met William.  But if he was still living, then why would William be listed on his card?  There's nothing filled in about his widow, and I'm not sure what the 1st line of remarks means, other than 718192 matches William's certificate number.  It looks like he filed for benefits on Dec 7, 1885 five years before William did.

Can anyone shed some light on this?  I don't get it.

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