Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - My Dad, the Cab Driver

Stork Shows He Still Runs Pretty Fast

A Lincoln woman staged a race with the stork at 3 a.m Wednesday, but even with the aid of her husband, a cab driver, and two police officers, she still lost the contest, though only by a few yards.

Mrs. Willie Pickett gave birth to a baby daughter on a surgical cart while being moved from a cab, parked in the parking area of Lincoln General Hospital, ot the hospital.

The cab driver was Roy (Whitey) Wait of 860 No. 25th.

It was quite a hectic experience for Wait. After picking up Mr. and Mrs. Pickett at their home at 2021 Vine, he radioed for a police escort.

The escort picked him up at 17th and B, found out everything was still all right, and escorted the cab to the hospital.

A surgical cart was secured from the hospital and the two police officers, Arthur Walker and Bruce Nelson, began wheeling Mrs. Pickett into the hospital.

But that is where the stork was declared winner of the race.

The hospital reported both mother and the 8-pound daughter doing well. The father is stationed at Lincoln Air Force Base.