Friday, September 25, 2009

My blog-dentity crisis

Hey!  I'm back!  I don't know if anyone noticed, but it's been over a week since I last posted a blog.  It's not that I haven't wanted to write, but that I was having a blog-dentity crisis!  I was blogging through on one of their little starter accounts, but every time I tried to add a new widget (those little buttons on the right), it would error out and break the code.

I grew envious of my blogging friends pretty blogs on, so I started moving over there.  But then I couldn't find a design that I liked. Hm.

Then my friend Kevin V in New York  suggested that I just get my own domain and host wordpress.ORG on it.  Ok!  Now we're talking!

The I saw that Doteasy was having a domain name sale, so I bought my own domain name! $2.95 later, and  WWW.KATHYWAITMYERS.COM was born!!

Then I had to figure out where to host it.  Doteasy has free hosting, BUT not if you need these things called "php" and "MySQL" whatever that is.

See... I'm NOT the webmaster type.  I can usually figure things out, but when it comes to programming and moving files from here to there, I'm absolutely lost.

So I went on to and they suggested six different companies that you can use to do your hosting with.  I checked them all out... thought about it... tried to work it into my budget... and then checked them all out again!

I wound up going with Dream Host  because they had the best price.  lol!  They offer everything that I could possibly use now, plus I'll have room to grow my website as my needs change.  AND!  They also have an AWESOME anniversary sale going on right now, where you pay $9.24 for the WHOLE YEAR (a savings of $110... it's normally $8.95/month).  When you go to their website, the message is right there taking up the whole screen.  Plus, you get the first two weeks free.  Yay!

My biggest sigh of relief came when I used their "one click installer" for Wordpress blogs.  Amazingly, it actually worked the first time.  Before lunch, I had my blog up and running and on the web again and imported the posts from my old blog and everything!  I can't tell you how impressed I was at that.  Over the past week, I found a template that I liked, but couldn't figure out for the life of me how to get it uploaded on another webhosting company's site.  Sooooo frustrating.

Now I think I've got it!  I have a pretty new face to my blog... I'm in love with green and brown right now!  I have all of my little widgets lined up over there on the right margin!  Including the badge for my new WAIT HERITAGE group to share information and get to know my genealogy loving cousins!  My website name is MY name!!  I have to tell you... I was a little afraid that when I switched my website address, no one would be able to find me again.

So!!!  Bookmark my new site!!  Add it to your favorites!!  Subscribe to it via email!!  Follow me on Facebook!!  Follow me on Twitter!!

(no pressure)  ;-)  (Update: I no longer maintain this blog.)

WHEW!!!  Can I get back to researching and blogging now?  Thanks!!!  =)



  1. The new blog is lovely! And funny because I am working on doing same thing! Oh oh! We are getting waaaaay into this blogging thing!

  2. Great job. I love it! Maybe I'll take the leap one day too. I like blogspot, but like you, I think the templates are very limited. You did good! :)