Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - misprints

My great grandmother Uella's name was completely wrong on her headstone.  It seems like everyone in that generation had several names that they went by, but don't you think they would make a point of getting it right the first time on a headstone?  Apparently, she was still alive then!  First, she loses her husband... and now this.  What an insult.

This was a lesson to me to always get a "second opinion" before assuming that a person's tombstone has the final word on their name.  Luckily, it's come very early on in my career!  You can still see the corrected name on the stone and everything.  I wonder how long it took them to fix it since the photo is in color.  She passed away in 1967, so I wonder if they waited until then...

Seward Cemetery, Seward, Seward County, Nebraska, USA

"WELLA H" taken between 1955 & 1967 "UELLA J" taken 23 May 2009

"WELLA H" taken between 1955 & 1967

UELLA J"UELLA J" taken 23 May 2009

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