Sunday, August 2, 2009

Out with the old...

I haven't been doing much research during the past few days.  Instead, I've been clearing the decks in my home office!  I'm  to the point with my genealogy findings where I feel like I'm ready to start trekking out to look for "real" paper documents and newspaper clippings.  It's a whole other story when I looked around at the systems I have in place for storing those things, or rather... my lack of a system.

So I pulled out all of the boxes and books and papers and files that were stacked up in this big closet/bookshelf in here and have been systematically going through it ala Peter Walsh.  I haven't touched this stuff since I moved back home to Nebraska last summer.  Paper, paper, and more paper.  Yikes!!  So it's taking a while to sort through everything so I have room to grow into my new genealogy hobby/obsession.  I really want to start out on the right foot and keep everything organized, safe, and visually appealing.  Nothing drains me more than clutter!

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  1. Boy you said it, nothing drains me faster and puts me in a bad mood quicker than clutter. It feels like a never ending battle for me right now, working full time and keeping up with just the regular daily life stuff. I am ready to dig in soon, it's out of control right now!