Sunday, August 30, 2009

More nicknames in the Wait family tree just sent me an email about a possible match to my great grandfather, Frederick Hiram Wait!  It was the 1910 Census, which I've been searching on/off for since I started on him a few months ago.  I thought I'd just let it sit for a while and come back to it when I was ready.  Well, they must have decided I was ready today, because they found him!

Frederich H Waits (s/b Frederick H)33
Nella H Waits (s/b Uella)25
John W R Waits (nickname Ray)9
Frederick L Waits (nickname Roy)7
Verne L Waits (nickname Vernie)


No wonder I couldn't find him!  Every single name on the list was different than what I was searching for.  You'd think I would have gone in and checked again for this census after finding Elvie listed as "Anetta E" and Harriet listed as "Loretta S" on the 1920, but I didn't.  Oh well, this saved me some time reading through all of the census forms.  ;-)

I've been hitting dead ends looking for Ray and Roy, so maybe this will steer me in the right direction!  Although it's a little disconcerting... my Dad was named after his dad Roy Frederick... now his name wasn't Roy at all?  Then how is my Dad a Jr?  Oh dear...


  1. It is maddening but hang in there. I've had folks change not only names but gender between censuses.

  2. LOL... Congrats! So much fun.. so much fun! :)