Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Photo Find! James G Waits (1816-1880)

I may have found a photo of my great-great-great-grandfather on Ancestry.com today!  That would be Fred Wait's grandfather!  Wow!

I've emailed the owner of the tree that I found him in to see if I can get a copy of the photo to share with you.  She also has a picture of Fred's uncle James Turner Waits where you can totally see his resemblance to William Henry (Grandpa Fred's dad... pictured here!).

William Henry Waits & Elve S Long

James G Waits

  • James G Waits fought in the Civil War

    • 16 Sep 1862 - Enlisted in Company K, Ohio 79th Infantry Regiment

    • 29 Sep 1862 - Enlisted in Company 4th Indpt, Ohio 4th Sharp Shooter Company

    • 25 Apr 1863 - Mustered Out

    James' brother William Christopher Waits also fought in the Civil War.

    • 27 Dec 1861 - Enlisted in Company B, Ohio 60th Regiment

    • 8 Jul 1862 - Died in an Army hospital in Winchester, Virginia.

    I wonder what it must have been like for James.  Did he know that his brother had passed?  Were they serving anywhere near each other?  My g-g-grandfather William was James' first born son... is he William Christopher's namesake?

    It looks like I'll need to do a little research on the Civil War and its battles.  It would be nice to see a visual map of where they served or what battles they were in.

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